Sunday, June 13, 2010


Friday night and Saturday Coco played in a softball tournament. It was hot hot hot! We started Saturday at 9am and left the ballpark at 5pm. The girls were exhausted and not on their game. They were missing balls, throwing willy nilly, couldn't bat, just not our usual team playing. We won on Friday night. Lost our first game on Saturday, won the 2nd and lost the 3rd game. It was a double elimination. They ended up in 4th place.

Mimi came to see her play the first game on Saturday.

I love this one with their visors upside down. Guess they were rallying to get back in the game.
Pump it up!!!!

Coco looks like she was ready for this to be over or trying our for a modeling career!!! ha ha

Having fun during a break

With their trophy for 4th place. We have great coaches that spend a lot of their time with the girls. Very thankful for them.

This is Coco's gift from the games. The last game we played, the pitcher hit several of the girls in the leg. Coco's coach told her it was her softball tattoo. This is right above her knee, glad it wasn't her knee. She was tough and finished out her inning. I told her our team should wear pads when we play them in the next tournament!

It is almost over for this season and we can relax in the evenings agian (until it starts back up for fall ball). Good thing since I will be working again.

Coco has a friend over tonight and we have some fun things planned for Monday. Tuesday Coco and I are going to meet my sister and her family for a few days of camping! Looking forward to that! Hopefully we can find a place with free internet so we can blog a little while we are gone.
Have a fantastic week!


Rhonda said...

I just got back from camping with my sister too. Fun times!

I love the pic of Coco in a modeling pose...too cute!

Debby said...

Ouch, that is going to hurt for awhile. Our boys played back to back games in the heat like that many moons ago. It take so much out of them and the parents.
But you go through for the love of the game, be careful, they look pretty hot out there. Cute modeling pose.