Friday, June 4, 2010


I have loved spending this week with Coco! We have some great times!
First we made our summer wish list.
It has been and will continue to be added to as we think of things to do.

Our first adventure was cooking class. She made me this cookbook at school for Mothers day. Each 4th grader brought in a recipe. Love those kinds of gifts.

She chose Spicy Potato Wedges

She cut the potatoes, made the spice and now she is ready to put them in the oven. They were a little too spicy for us but it was a great learning adventure. I found out that she doesn't know a lot about the kitchen. She didn't know the difference between a skillet and a sauce pan. Kitchen class will be in our future.

A summer time necessity, Popsicles! I had forgotten how good and thirst quenching they are.
Today she called it our lazy day. She didn't comb her hair all day and I kept telling her she was making dredlocks.
We did accomplish getting all the Girl Scout badges ready for our Court of Awards on Saturday. I hot glued them to a ribbon for each girl along with a flower and her yearly pin. Coco helped me for about 5 and then she went on to watching tv.
This is what I found when I told her she could play in the sprinkler. She made a mud puddle under her tire swing. She says she loves feeling the mud between her toes. When she said that it brought back memories of mud pies and mud squishing between your toes. I didn't argue I just went and got the camera.

Looking forward to many memories this summer.

My plan is to make a scrapbook of our time together. It will be called The Summer you were 10 in 2010! What a treasure that will be when she is old and gray like her Momma!


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Rhonda said...

What a great list! Looks like lots of fun planned. We will be making our list after school is out! 1 MORE DAY!! Hip hip hooray!

She looks so cute. I love the cooking school idea. The Jones Center has a camp for 4 days on cooking this summer. (Other interesting camps too, reasonably priced.)