Sunday, June 27, 2010


A perfect day. We visited a new church this morning. It was a nice service but not the place God is leading us. We'll try again next week.
After church we headed to Mom's to celebrate Jake's and Coco's birthdays.

The birthday boy and girl. Jake was 14 on the 3rd and Coco will be 10 on the 30th!

This little monkey is my nephew Ethan. A real stinker. He ran to the truck when we got there and told me he missed me, I said I missed him more, he said no I missed you more. So cute. He is so loving and ornery!

The monkey comes by it naturally, this is his Daddy. He races these. This bike he just won recently.

Michael my bro in law. He is responsible for teaching these boys to ride. Jake is going to start racing next weekend and little Ethan already has a bike with training wheels. They believe in starting them young.

Spent some time with Mamie at the nursing home. Coco crawled up in bed with her, Mamie loved it and asked her to spend the night with her. She gave Coco a floral bowl that she has in her room at home. Today she told us the story of it. Her mother gave it to her when she married in 1936 and her mother had gotten it from her sister before she was even married. When she and Grandpa Jay got married they didn't tell anyone so that they wouldn't chivalry them but when they looked out the window there was a long line of cars waiting for them. She said they brought bells and made lots of noise. She and Grandpa had sweets for them. I am guessing this was the tradition back in 1936.
She told us about her church. She joined Zions Rest Primitive Baptist church when she was 20 years old and has went there ever since. She will be 96 in December. Grandpa went to the Methodist church and since her church is only once a month she would go to the Methodist church with Grandpa. I have a book of Grandma's memories that I am filling with her stories and life. I plan to spend some time getting it finished soon.

Time to go back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to another good week.

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Debby said...

Great pictures. So nice that CoCo will have these memories of her Grammy.