Saturday, June 19, 2010


We have been busy working on our Summer list this week. We also took full advantage of my last week of unemployment.

Monday Coco had a sleepover with Megan. We went to Chuck E Cheese. Coco didn't want to ride the roller coaster simulator so I rode it with Megan first and then we convinced Coco to try it and she loved it.
Then we to the mall where they got a bear from Build a Bear.

My sisters campsite where we spent a couple of days.
River bank on the Arkansas river where we camped in Ozark, AR.

Coco and Aunt Tammy being silly.
Group shot of Coco, Kaylee, Tammy Lou, Jake and Alex

Coco jumpin and spinnin off the diving board. Once she got up the nerve to jump off the diving board, that is all she wanted to do.

Going thru the tunnel on the way home.

Friday we ran errands and both got a pedicure. Coco also got a color change on nails. This was her first pedi, it was funny to see her giggle when they tickled her feet.

Saturday we drove thru a carwash to benefit the Benton County Allstars baseball team. The boys did a good job of cleaning the car.

This was a great week and I am excited to begin my new job on Monday. We also have Girl Scout Camp next week and softball tournaments in the evenings. It will be a full busy week.

Have a great Saturday, it is supposed to be in the high 90's today so it will be a HOT one.



Debby said...

So glad you got to get some really fun stuff in before you start work. What will you be doing? I am sure you have mixed feelings about returning to work. Hope things go well.

Rhonda said...

Yea, I'm so glad you all got to do some fun things before you go back on Monday! Did you find any work clothes yet? Good luck next week!