Friday, November 28, 2008


I did not have the day off from work but I did make it to a couple of sales.

I ran into Belk for boots on the way to work. I finally found Coco brown and black boots and she loved them both. Whoopie

Once I went to work I went through all the ads and just had to go to Wally world for that $4 hand mixer. I really needed one since Scott broke mine making that darn cake.

My boss let me go if I would make a photo CD for her. No problemlemo! 1 hour to wait on processing, just enough time to look for a deal.

I had planned on going into Office Depot to get Scott a GPS for $99 but Wally happened to have some for $97.00 YEAH I saved $2.00

I bought a few Christmas presents and I got my mixer, it was the last one. Yeah for me. That is crazy to get excited about a $4 mixer but it made my day. I also found Scott and I both a track suit for lounging around in. Maybe I will save his for a Christmas present.

I hit Kohls for the Micro fiber blankets and Tammy Lou wanted me to get her the outdoor prelit trees in urns for her front porch. Well I couldn't get her some without getting myself a set too. Great deal on those. They were $39 and regular price was $119 AND I got a $20 cash coupon to spend before the 6th. So I saved $100 DOLLARS! Yeah for me again. I got my blankets and the trees and got out of there before something else caught my eye!

We kept up the tradition of ordering pizza and putting up the tree tonight. I love going through the ornaments and remembering when we got them and what each one represents. That is my favorite part. Now I just have 3 more trees, the outdoor stuff and the little pieces of Christmas that I put here and there. We should finish it up tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Sarah Mae said...

Hi Pam! :)

My eyes water like Niagra Falls when I chop onions, so I learned a little trick that if you stick bread in your mouth in helps absorb the onion odor so you don't get so teary eyed.

I really like your tradition of ordering pizza and putting up the tree - I think I might do that!