Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today has been a very productive day.

Coco had me up at 6:20 a.m.!!!!! I really wanted to sleep in. She wanted to get started on her tree for her room. I put her off until she cleaned her room and that gave me until 9 to relax. We just upgraded our cable and have tons of new channels, it is going to get me in trouble. Hallmark channel pulls me in with all these Christmas shows. Love it.

We made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. That wore me out! Both places were packed and people are so rude. Either they are standing in the middle of the isles visiting or they are trying to run you over. I had several people just run in front of us instead of being patient because someone was in front of me. No excuse me or thank you just RUDE! Makes me mad! I hope they all got spoiled milk. Just kidding but there is no reason to be that way!

After my afternoon date with Hallmark, I got the tree in our bedroom decorated. I can't wait to show ya'll on the Christmas tour. I love to do a "fancy" tree but after having Coco we do the tree in the living room in a more child like way. Our ornaments for that tree are all that have been given to us, made by Coco or ones we pick each year. So the bedroom tree fills my desire for a grown up "fancy" tree. I just love it! So I have 3 trees up and haven't even touched the other decorations. But I have gotten alot of laundry done today! A couple loads tomorrow and we will be all clean, then I just have to find room to put them away!

Scott has been gone most of the day cutting wood for a older couple in our church and helping someone put in a new door! Now that he's home the football is roaring as I type. Maybe he will get to the outdoor decorations tomorrow.

I am going to try to sneak the channel to Hallmark. Wish me luck!


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