Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time for a new post

Time to get rid of the deer, don't cha think!

This is where I have been all week.
I am on #4 Breaking Dawn. Yes it has been a slow week at work! I shouldn't read at work but I am in the mortgage business and that is the way it is rolling right now! I have heard lots of good things about this series but didn't think I would enjoy it. Until my sister started reading them and convinced me to try. She is not a reader, so if she was into it then I knew it must be good. Well let me tell you I couldn't put them down. Go read these! They are not the gory evil stuff I expected, just good reading!

Friday night we had a GIRLS NIGHT OUT at church to scrapbook. It was fun but I am so disorganized, it is awful! I worked on a retirement book for my boss and got about 8 pages done so that was a success!

I wanted to go to this today but I procrastinated until it is to late to traipse off to Fayetteville. I heard they had some amazing stuff. Oh well my loss and my checkbook is a little heavier for it.

Scott just informed me that we are having dinner with his parents tonight. Good thing since he left Coco there today. Her home is beautiful, she collects primitive antiques. I will take some pictures to show you later.

I suppose I better get busy finishing the housecleaning before it is time to get ready.

Have a wonderful weekend


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