Sunday, November 16, 2008

Perfect Sunday

Instead of Sunday school we took church out in to the community today. We had several different groups. Some picked up trash on the streets, pumped gas at the station, washed cars, visited the old folks home, and our group raked leaves. Coco was such a trooper, she did great. My elbows are so sore. I think I have tennis elbow and I am feeling it along with the allergies with all the leaves and dust! It felt great to be out helping people.

Now as promised. Some photos of my mother-in-laws home.
This is in her living room, a collection of her butter churns and crocks
This is going down the hall, more crocks and photos. The first picture is of scotts great grandparents.
This is the master bedroom, isn't in beautiful. I love this sleigh that sits atop her entertainment center in the living room. She has some beautiful pieces and collections. We joke about me and her daughter selling it all in a garage sale someday. I told her she should put notes in everything so that we don't sell it for $2 or something. I hope she knows I am joking.
We had a great weekend. Hope you did too!

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