Sunday, October 16, 2011


Warning photo overload.
We held our awards ceremony for Girl Scouts today.
We bridged from Juniors to Cadettes
Our local Price Cutter made this cake for us.
It turned out so cute

For their badges and patches I hot glued them onto a piece of ribbon. Some of the girls do not get the vest or sash and this way they can hang it in their room or whatever

We started with the Pledge, Promise and Law
They all know them by heart. It has only taken a few years

Girl Scout Promise and Law

I chose the Silver Ceremony where they each lite a candle and read a statement about key to new challenges, character, leadership, etc. They then crossed the bridge to get their key and pins.
This is Coco reading her statement

New Cadette Troop (missing 4 girls)

My co-leaders Erica and Tia
I made them each a bag with a few goodies and a bouquet of flowers.
I couldn't do it without them

I planned some games after the cake portion.
Egg on a spoon was way to easy, the eggs weren't even breaking on the grass

Egg toss
This was fun and luckily only 1 girl broke it in her hand and they were really far apart

This one they were trying to pass a orange to each other under the chin.
maggie kept getting to tickled to make it work.
They kinda thought this one was to weird. They weren't comfortable getting so close.
Girls being girls

We now begin learning as Cadettes and the many opportunities available.
Lots of fun adventures to be had.
I love being a Girl Scout Leader


Carrie said...

awe cute! Girl Scouts are the best!


Kelley said...

YOU did such a great job with this! They look like they are having fun! What a wonderful thing to be apart of.