Wednesday, October 19, 2011


1. I started a new job on Monday

2. I rode 4 gillion miles in a car today

3. I am currently 10 minutes from Illinois

4. I live in Arkansas

5. I actually got in the car to go 4 gillion miles with 3 people I DO NOT KNOW

6. I should have given Scott their names and phone numbers

7. I should get their phone numbers

8. I had my first taste of Foie Gras and Pate today

9. I had my last taste of Foie Gras and Pate today

10. I have my choice of 2 beds to sleep in tonight

11. I am sleeping smack dab in the middle of one of them tonight

12. I might jump up and down on the other one

13. I have to ride 4 gillion miles back home tomorrow

14. I get to sleep in tomorrow til 7:30 if I want to

15. We are planning on eating at Lamberts tomorrow on the way home

16. I have to travel for the next 2 weeks

17. I will travel 4 gillion miles by plane though

18. Thank the good LORD

19. Some people are strange

20. Maybe it is me

21. I really miss Scott and my girl

22. I will be married 12 years on Sunday

23. My groom will be in the deer woods on Sunday

24. I won't see him for a week

25. :(

26. I don't know how to work this tv in the hotel room

27. It was 49 degrees where I am today

28. I think the Cardinals just beat the Rangers

29. I miss Scott and my girl, did I already say that?

30. My mama sent me a message on FB so cool GO MOM

31. I forgot my fan and I always sleep with a fan

32. I need to go take my melatonin to help me sleep

33. I am trying to make it to 35 on my list

34. Coco made 5 A's and 1 B for first semester, I am so proud of her!!!

35. Going to pick out my bed now! Goodnight

Wow I didn't know I could make such a long list.
Fodder for my Smash book
Wonder what I can find in this hotel room for my smash book
I forgot my camera
not a good move

Have a great Thursday and pray for safe travels for us.


Carrie said...

good luck on your new job! Being away from your family now fun been there done that


Carrie said...

not fun

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

That was fun!! Such exciting times for you!! Does taking melatoin help you? I've been taking it for a month and don't really notice a change yet? Good luck with the new job and hope you make it home soon!

Pam said...

Sue, Yes I think the melatonin is helping me get better sleep. Maybe not getting to sleep but when I do I wake feeling more rested. I am only taking 3mg
Hope you see this

Kelley said...

Hope you are loving your new job! Congrats to your daughter for awesome grades!