Monday, October 10, 2011


Do you shop at Williams-Sonoma?
I usually don't because I can't afford anything in there.
But Coco and I were wondering around the Mall recently and decided to browse.
They had samples of this pumpkin bread and pumpkin butter

They were so good we just had to have some.
I haven't made the bread yet but the butter is so good on toast or even just on a slice of bread

I have some time off this week.
I am starting a new job next week with a large bank
and I am so excited


Debby said...

They sound yummy.
Your daughter is so pretty and realy growing up.
Good luck with your new job.

Kelley said...

I hope you love your new job!

Jessica said...

Congrats on your new job! Isn't God always good to meet our needs at just the right time? So thankful for Him blessing you! Have a good rest of the week. : )