Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am so disappointed in the movies I've seen recently
So I thought I would do a review of a few

It has been awhile since I saw Bridesmaids. Scott and I went to the movies and he saw another movie while I saw this one. If I had the keys to the truck I would have left the theatre. It was so nasty! I should have left earlier than I did to sit in the lobby. From the previews I thought it would be so funny. I was severely disappointed!

I saw Footloose yesterday. I was disappointed in the language. I thought it had more bad language than the original and more sexual inuendos. Last nite I rented the original and it had lots of bad language too, I just didn't remember it that way. Overall I liked the new version better.

Horrible bosses I rented on demand the other day thinking it would be a comedy. I guess it is a comedy but I think the first word spoken in the film was a bad word.Then every other word was a 4 letter word.  I couldn't watch it, it was so bad. Wasted my 4.99.

There was another one that Scott and I rented that was the same way. I can't remember the name of it but we turned it off within 15 minutes.

I know that a lot of people don't think a thing about this and I should watch the ratings before going. All the bad language and inappropriate scenes could be left out and it would still be a good movie. Several years ago I did a fast from what I call trashy novels and soap operas. I started reading only christian fiction. Guess what, I didn't miss the trash. I was a avid reader of Danielle Steel and All my Children. I recorded All my Children for probably 10 years. I would watch it every night after work. I haven't ever went back to the soaps but I do read Steel everynow and then.

We live in a broken world I know but I sure wish things were different.
Like when we were kids and we could watch tv without our parents worrying about every channel. We can barely watch the local news without having to censor what Coco sees and hears.

The other night the new show Suborgatory came on. Scott was on the computer and I was working on some paperwork so we weren't really paying attention. It didn't take us long to realize we needed to change the channel. This was what 8pm on a week night. It shocks me what is on ABC, NBC, and CBS. What happened to family tv in the evenings? That is what MTV and VH1 is for or so I thought.

I will get off my soap box. We have talked about disconnecting our cable several times. Maybe it is time!!

How do you deal with this issue or do you?
Would love to hear your thoughts.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I haven't seen any of the movies you reviewed here, but do/did want to see Bride Maids for the reason you said, the previews look funny plus I love Sukie from Gilmore Girls and her weekly sitcom " Mike & Molly" is cute. But I don't like the bad language or stupid humor. So, I may or may not check out Brides Maids and I for sure not be watching Horrible Bosses, even the previews look dumb. Footloose will be watched when it comes to Redbox so I too can watch the first one again and compare. But all in all, I'm with you, what ever happened to good, clean movies?

Kelley said...

With my very young children it is difficult even with the cartoons. The cartoons are fine, but the commercials in between are horrible. So we found a channel called Noggin now it is Nick Jr. that has no commercials. I love that. The cartoons aren't violent and teach good lessons. We need to get back to reality and get rid of reality tv shows. Kids think that is how people really behave and it isn't. They are paid to be outrageous! I am with you.

DebJWhe said...

I so agree with you. We really have to be very cognizant while our grandchildren are visiting. Even some of their favorite programs are full of innuendos and disrespectful behaviour. More and more foul language is becoming the norm, but I remember my father always told me that it took a REAL man/woman to speak without using foul language. How sad that our society is such bad shape.