Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes I have strep!
YUCK! I went to the doctor yesterday and got a shot, so I am contagious until it has been 24 hours!

I do feel better today.
But I am missing my Coco. She has been at Nana's since Wednesday night. I am ready for her to come home. Scott will go and get her this afternoon.

I have all the bedding in the wash and have sprayed Lysol on everything. Trying to make sure she doesn't get sick.
I am tired of getting every little bug that flies by.
What do you do to stay healthy?
Take a daily vitamin?
Colon cleanse?
Exercise ?
Eat right?
I would love to hear what you do.
On a happier note. Coco has a birthday on the 30th!

We have parties on Saturday and Sunday with the families. All her gifts are wrapped and ready.
Nana always cooks for us and lets the birthday person pick the menu. Coco chose to have Chili, fudge ( she told nana that it needs to taste like mimi's but she will try Nana's ) and Cherry Chocolate Dr.Pepper. Doesn't that all sound yummy!:(
Mimi was smart, she didn't ask her what she wanted. So we are having Pizza Spaghetti Casserole, salad with cupcakes and a cookie cake.
Lots of fun to be had by all. I can't believe she is going to be 8 years old. These have been the best 8 years of our lives. Watching her grow up from the 4lb 4oz newborn to the 62lbs she is now.

Age 6 - Aug 2006 at Celebration City

7th Birthday Party June 2007

7 1/2 - Jan 2008

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