Friday, June 13, 2008

Customer Service

I have to give a shout out to our local Sam's gas station. I went this morning to fill up and the little man was out there and told me I could get in the car and he would finish pumping my gas.

I was so impressed! You don't get that kind of service any more and I am sure it was not a requirement of his job. I am sure that it was just his character to do something like that. Our young people need to be taught character like that.

Being in the banking industry customer service is a high priority, so I always notice when I have exceptional service. Unfortunately it is not that often. So many times I get some youngster that hasn't been taught any manners but then again I blame the company for not caring enough to train their employees.

I stopped shopping at Dillards after my wedding b/c they were horrible about ordering dresses for me. I needed a certain size and they wouldn't even check with there other stores to see if it was in stock. I was so mad at them. I still don't go there much now.....

When I do have great service, I always try to find a manager or send a note to let them know how that employee helped me.

Recent places that I shopped with great service were, Kohls customer service desk and Build a Bear.

So if you receive great service, take the time to find their manager and tell them, send a note or email the company.

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