Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have a confession to make.

Scott and I went to the movies last night b/c Coco was at Mimi's. We decided to see what all the fuss was about on "S and the City". Oh my it was awful. I have been married to Scott for almost 9 years and I was so embarrased.

I thought to myself we should leave but I wanted to see if Big and Carrie got married in the end. So we stayed until the end.

I know, shame on me. I am ashamed. I actually fibbed to Coco when she asked if we did anything in her absence (she really used those words). I just said we didn't do anything exciting. I just don't want to tell her the name of that movie.

Lesson learned!!!!

We did enjoy being together just us with no interruptions in our conversations. Need to do more date nights.

Coco and I are going to see Taylor Swift tomorrow night with my sister and nephew. I haven't been to a concert in years. This should be fun.

I like her music and I feel comfortable with Coco listening to it for now. I hope she doesn't come out with any like Carrie Underwoods newest.

I wish there were a christian version of Hannah Montana. I found her a cd by "Pure NRG" which is kids and she likes it but not like she likes Hannah and Taylor.

As she gets older I think she will catch on to all the good christian bands out there. Since that is all we listen to in the car. That is my hopes anyway.

She started liking Taylor Swift from the school bus. He plays country music on the rides home in the afternoon.

Other than that we have a quiet weekend planned. What are ya'll doing for the weekend?


Brian said...

I'm enjoying staying caught up on your life thru your blog. I'm glad Tammy Lou told me about it. Also, you need to change the sauce in the recipe from Ragu to Prego. Much better sauce...and helps your cousin out. If you need some samples let me know.


Brian said...

OOps, I meant Coco Mama, not Coco. Need to go to bed!!!