Monday, June 30, 2008


Time has flown by. 8 years ago at 9:13pm God blessed us with a baby girl. Weighing 4lbs 4oz, 17.75 inches long. She wasn't due until July 27th (my birthday) but God had other plans. I had a emergency c-section at 9:13 on a Friday night. It was a very scary time.

We laugh now but I was so scared. I had went in to the hospital that afternoon with heavy bleeding and by 8pm my doctor said he had to get her out or we would both be in danger. They were trying to give me the spinal and I was praying to Jesus, out loud, over and over , I think it was distracting for the doctor b/c it took him 4 tries to get it in.

Then it was the weirdest feeling. The numbness started on my right foot and traveled up my body and down my left leg. Weird !

She was such a trooper even though she was early and so small. She only had 1 minute of oxygen. Her doctor called her a champ. I remember thinking she was like a little bird. So small. Scott went down to the gift shop and bought me a snow globe with a little bird in it. Coco now collects snow globes.

Can't imagine what the next 8 years will be like but I look forward to watching her continue to grow up and become a young lady. Just think in 8 years we will be buying a car for her 16th birthday. Whew. I won't think about that just now.

Coco, Daddy and I love you more than the sky. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents.

This is precious on Saturday at Nana's for her birthday dinner. Isn't she cute in her little tutu. I made that for her.
This is a Mimi's on Sunday with cousins Jake and Kaylee.

Opening her gifts at Mimi's.
With Mom and Dad on Saturday.

I bought sidewalk chalk and bubbles for all the kids. Kaylee and Ethan decided to use the bubble wands as swords and Ethan got hit in the eye.
This is him holding a ice pack on his eye. Sweetest boy I know! He is so loving and just precious.

Scott brought Coco into our Sunday School class so that my kids could sing Happy Birthday to her. She was attacked with lots of hugs.

After work today we took her to Chuck E Cheese. This is her favorite game to play. She had lots of fun and so did we. I think we will have to go back so that Dad and I can play more too!


Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Looks like a great party Pam! I am loving that grass skirt tu tu. I think I need one of those. Ha Ha! Also, thanks so much for your kind post on my blog. It means more tan you know. Keep visiting, stay in touch & I'll do the same. Blessings,
Angie Seaman

Mountain Mama said...

Truly, she is a blessing. So much to be thankful for. Happy Birthday Coco!!!