Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I don't have anything to talk about today. I think the heat is sucking my brain dry!

Relief is on the way.

Thursday it is supposed to be in the 80's!

Girls we just might have to get our boots out! Wouldn't that be fantastic!

I for one am ready for my fall/winter boots! I am tired of sandals. Did I spell sandals correctly??? Anyways, ya'll know what I mean.

I have a prayer request. I don't want to get it into all the details here but I have a situation with a person in my church and I just don't know what to do about it. I want to resign from everything I am involved with in our church and become a pew sitter and wouldn't satan just love that. I am not going to let him win but, I am wrestling with my flesh and having a really hard time letting God have control. Because I know he knows about all of this and knows much more about the situation than even I do. I know He is in control but I/we are not letting him do his thing.

So ya'll please pray that I can give this to God and that he will show me his will and guide me to do what will bring him the glory.

Thank you. I feel better just typing that out!

I started out just gonna make a quick post about the weather b/c my mind was on that other thing and God took it a whole different direction! Isn't he awesome. See I told you He knows!!!!

Praise be to him!


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