Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This was me at lunch today. Not really me in the photo but you get the hint. I was off in la la land and ran through a red light. I can't believe I did that. I glanced at the car next to me because she was driving slow and then fast, kinda weird. Anyways, I glanced back up and it was red. The police were sitting at the light. Just my luck. Guess how much that is going to cost me?

One hundred thirty dollars yes $130.00! Oh my gosh, why weren't they out chasing some drug dealer or something. This is the big ticket I got.

There goes the extra money I made working a 2nd job this week. Scott and I want to get out of debt completely within the next 3-5 years so we are both taking on extra work or whatever to make extra money. My sister needed someone to cover for a employee that is out sick so I will be working for her a couple days a week until the girl comes back.
I have been researching ways to get out of debt and Dave Ramsey has a great system. We will be starting with the babysteps like getting a $1000 emergency fund set up and then we will focus on debt snowballing. Putting all extra cash towards either the lowest amount of debt or the highest interest rate. As we get 1 thing paid, that payment will be added to the next debt until everything including the house is paid in full. Every piece of financial advise I have read says if you really want to do this and see results quickly you need to get a 2nd job. I don't want to commit to a 2nd job just yet.
I was praying about this last week and asking God to guide us in this endeavor. Later the same day my sister called about needing help. Answered prayer. Isn't that awesome how he works. Some might wish he would just send a couple thousand but I am grateful that he is providing ways for us to meet our goals and honor him at the same time.
I need advice on starting a Etsy shop. Is this a good way to make money? Is it easy? I don't even have a paypal account, is this a simple procedure to start?
What works for you? If you have done it Dave Ramsey's way, I would love your tips.

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