Friday, August 1, 2008


Yea it's finally Friday.

We have nothing planned for the weekend.

That is such a glorious statement.

I hope to use the time to get some crafting done. I have several projects that I need to start/finish.

Like Coco's chandelier that I bought at OOPS weeks ago.

Also want to have a garage sale but I haven't gotten anything ready. I am optimistic that I can get ready for one this next weekend.

I am a real pack rat. I will be one of those Grandmas that has a collection of bread ties. Hey, i don't save the bread sacks, yet.

Its gonna be HOT around here to. They are calling for 101 on Monday. That just makes me want to stay inside.

Who knows what we will do. The world at our fingertips.

Oh I just heard from the MAN. We have nothing to eat. No bread and Coco ate all the raviolis. I guess we are going grocery shopping! Maybe I can get him to go!

Gotta go before the queen comes home from swimming with Nana and Papa.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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