Sunday, August 10, 2008


The big reveal! This first photo is SNEAKERS. Now we all know the difference.....

These below are tennis shoes. Guess which ones we brought home.

Yes, the tennis shoes. She picked out these black/pink Fila's. Not my first choice but I will pick my battles.
We also hit old navy and bought 3 outfits. She picked the black shorts and sweater vest for the first day. That will be really cute with a white polo shirt under the vest. Hopefully it won't be 100 degrees.

She fell in love with the Peace Love & Rock N Roll jacket. Thank goodness she doesn't wear a bra yet or she might be inclined to burn them.
All we need now is some black ballet flats and she will be stylin and ready.
This is the first year she has been interested in shopping for clothes. This is kind of a double edged sword. We have different tastes. She likes all the trendy stuff and I still want her to be in lots of pink with big bows. We both have to give a little to make it work. I refuse to budge on the issue of modesty and she is ok with this.
It is hard when you walk into a store and see all the clothes for sale in the junior department that show to much. This is where she gets her ideas for clothes. Of course she wants to grow up to fast and looks up to the older girls.
Some days she wants to dress like a boy. With basketball shorts and a wrinkled t-shirt. I just shake my head and go on. At least she's covered up.
I can only imagine what it is going to be like when she is 13. Lord help me!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are going through all this girlie stuff first, so you can walk me through it in a few years!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

thanks for stopping by pam! cute back to school outfits. and ah, shoes. i used to worry about those, and have learned to pick my battles too.
love your photo shoot pictures! they are DARLING!

i'll work on that backpack tutorial soon.