Friday, August 15, 2008

Week in review

I have been spending my evenings watching the Olympics.

I am so excited for this guy. He is an amazing swimmer. I am rooting for him to get his goal of 8 gold medals.

I stayed up until after midnight to see this girl get the gold!
I think the judges were pretty hard on our girls in gymnastics last night. But they came out with gold and silver. Way to go USA!
On to other news. We went on Tuesday to meet Coco's teacher. She is new to our district and that makes me nervous, but she seems to be really sweet. I hope she can be tough when needed. She has been teaching for 4 years so she isn't new to teaching. Coco is not happy, all her friends are in a different class. I am grateful for that. Now she can focus on her studies and still get to see the friends at recess. I know it will all change the first week. She will hook up with other kids in her class and the disappointment will be a thing of the past. Kids are so resilient.
All in all it has been a quiet week for which I am thankful. Because with school starting we will have Girl Scouts, weekly football games and who knows what else keeping us busy!

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Anonymous said...

update everyday so I love reading your blog, Aunt Pam. HeHe!! ~liz