Thursday, October 2, 2008


Last week Coco got to cheer/dance at the high school game. She went to cheer clinic all week and each class performed at half time. Watching all those kindergartners trying to shake their hips was so cute. Coco still has problems, she moves her whole body when she trys to shake it.

I am taking a photo class and learning how to use the shutter speed and aperture settings so these photos aren't the best.

Caught some movement in this photo.
This is one is too blurry but you can see her biting her tongue. My daddy always bit his tongue when he concentrated and Coco got that trait from him.
This is my 97th post. I will have to start working on a giveaway for my 100th, so come back. I have some ideas for the giveaway.

TGIF tomorrow. I am so ready for the weekend!


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