Wednesday, October 15, 2008


up at 6:30am
fixed Coco breakfast of blueberry pancakes
showered and got ready for work
took Coco to school at 7:45
breakfast at my desk waffles/yogurt
very little work
jcpenney on lunch break looking for BEAT OLE MISS t-shirts
SCORED 2 shirts for $2.48 each and they are cute
worked until 5:30pm
went to store to work until 10pm
home at 10:45pm
read until 12midnight

up at 6:50am
Got Coco up and fed her pancakes again
Coco spills her drink on couch
left house at 7:47
Coco to school
stopped at McD's for a sausage mcgriddle
rainy all day
another slow day at work
payed some bills
met Kim for lunch at the new guido's in rogers
ordered 1/2 order of spaghetti - yummy
enjoyed spending lunch with her
regional mgr came into town
left the office at 5:05pm
still raining
stopped at dollar general for sprite zero and milk
scott and coco went to papa's to practice shooting for muzzeloading this weekend
took Cathy her book from the giveaway
watched the project runway finale
poor korto she didn't win they picked leeanne
scott went to subway because i was too lazy to cook
chose watching project over debate
its 10pm and I am going to bed
Coco has school pictures tomorrow and i need to be up early to doll her up!

Sorry no photos, i am too lazy to load them. I don't have many because i keep forgetting to take out the camera. I did get some on the ride home on the bypass through the rain. if anyone saw this crazy woman taking pictures while driving sorry for putting you in danger! I will try to refrain from doing that anymore.


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