Sunday, October 19, 2008


I didn't wake up until after 9am
Went to McDonalds and brought breakfast home
Missed church
Cleaned house for a little while
We all got ready for pictures
Went up to the elementary where there is a pretty maple tree.
Took lots of fall photos

I forgot the most important piece to my tripod so I couldn't get photos of all 3 of us together.
Scott took this one.

This was taken at Bogle Park in Bentonville. This is a gorgeous park right off the square. There were 4 different professional photographers there.

Went to wally world for groceries.
Stopped by Scott's parents.
Loaded my pictures
Going to bed soon.
It took me 9 minutes to load these photos. Does anyone know of a faster way or is it just my computer. I load them into my photos file and then load them here. I have noticed that if I use a photo from the web it is much faster. Help.

Have a wonderful week everyone


Cathy said...

I thought I had just missed you this morning. I was with kids service all the way thru Sunday School. Love the pictures...the one of Colby throwing the leaves up in the air is awesome!! Do you have a remote for your camera? There were several pro's when we were at Bogel last weekend too!! Catch up with ya later!

Mountain Mama said...

Great pics! Reminds me we need to get out there and get our pics before the color and leaves are completely gone.