Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today was a great day.

Church service was good.

Our first day back in a Sunday school class.

Afternoon nap.

Dinner at in-laws.

Made these 2 after we got home from dinner.

My favorite is the bottom one. I love those colors. These are going to be gifts, if I can part with them once I start decorating for Christmas.
I have tomorrow off and I am so excited. I really wanted to go to Eureka for the day but Scott thinks we should stay in town and maybe go see a movie. Coco wants me to come have lunch with her at school and I haven't done that yet this year.
I have to get started on her room. We bought my nephews bedroom set for her and it is in our garage. I bought it with plans to paint it white but Coco and Scott are both wanting to leave it the wood. There goes my plan to pretty it up. I am giving in for now, but it will probably end up painted before long.
Maybe I can get it all done before she gets out of school.

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Cathy said...

These are really pretty. I am just surrounded by talented people. Good thing too, since I'm the not-so-talented one!LOL Have a good day off tomorrow. I would say "wish I had one", but I have to be careful what I wish for, ya' know? Holler at me......if you don't have my phone #, email and I'll send it to ya'.