Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Addiction

This is my newest addiction. Thanks to Betasseled I spent time Friday making this tassel. Isn't it cute. I used a Christmas ornament I found at Hobby Lobby and some trims I had previously found at a garage sale last summer.

I picked up several different ornaments to make as gifts for Christmas.

I forgot to take photos today for my Week in Life so I am going to start tomorrow.

You can still enter to win the giveaway until Monday evening.

And can we say "whooooooooooo pig soooooooooooie, GO HOGS! They beat Auburn today 25 to 22. I think we have a great team in the making!

Off to watch Mr. McDreamy in Made of Honor. I think Scott agreed to rent this just to get me out of the movie store.

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