Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I heard about this neighborhood tradition last year but I didn't follow through with it. Then when I was lurking around on Kellys blog she had posted the instructions with the poem and everything. I couldn't wait for it to get dark so Coco and I could deliver these under the veil of darkness.

We left them on 2 friends doors. I just hope Coco doesn't go to school and tell them it was us. The first house was easy because they weren't home. The second we weren't sure so Scott parked around the corner and Coco and I took it to the door, sat it down, rang the doorbell and ran like the wind. Well I really needed some wind and it was only 3 houses up the street. I thought I was never going to catch my breath. I haven't ran like that in years. I loved it!

This is #99 so you know what is coming up. I hope to post again by the weekend for my giveaway!

Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday! It will be my last day of photography class. Good thing they aren't grading or I would be going to summer school! I just can't seem to get it!



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Kim said...

I have been boo'd...everywhere except the new neighborhood we're in. Maybe I should start it myself. It is a lot of fun.