Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 was a good year! It started off kind of stormy!

We were in the storm shelter in January 2008 along with several of our neighbors and their children.
Coco had her 1st Valentine party!

Coco learned how to ride her bike without training wheels on the first day of trying! Yea COCO

A fabulous week spent in Destin Florida!

Taylor Swift in concert, for Coco's birthday

I had a birthday! 40 has been good so far!

Coco started 3rd grade!

Took my first photography class! I need more!

I learned a new craft or 2!

I learned my father-in-law is a funny man, but he better watch out for next year!
I got tired of downloading photos!
Scott got 2 deer this year!
His diet was a success!
Mine wasn't
I started Weight Watchers
Gave up on Weight Watchers
Planned on being very frugal
Failed at being very frugal
Planned for this to be the year to read the bible through!
Didn't make it through the bible!
All in all a good year and even with the failures, there is always tomorrow!
2009 is going to be a great year!
Happy New Year Everyone!

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Rhonda said...

Hey, don't know if you will ever see this because this is now Feb. 09! I too failed on my diet, reading the bible all the way through this year! Maybe we could help each other be accountable...especially with the Bible REading! This year I will Make it all the way through!!!!