Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have been busy doing a lot of this

Coco kept asking me if she had any gifts under the tree, so after dinner I locked myself in the bedroom and wrapped all her gifts except for stocking and Santa gift. I don't wrap the gifts from Santa, I just put it under the tree Christmas Eve night along with filling her stocking. She knows we are Santa but I still tell her it is from Santa. She told me she didn't want to make reindeer food on Christmas Eve anymore because their are no reindeer's. I told her we would still be sprinkling reindeer food when she came home with her kids at Christmas. She just kind of looked at and probably thought her mama was missing a few fries from her happy meal!

I have also been making some of these for gifts and hostess gifts. They are post it note holders for your desk. The quote on top is "With God all things are possible" and "Dress by Ralph Lauren and body by chocolate chip". I made these with zebra and giraffe print papers. Just adorable!
I have also been busy at work this week! Praise the Lord. The mortgage business has been so slow the last year, I am happy it is picking up. We have a new Manager that came in on Monday, that is always stressful until you learn each others ways and what she expects. She seems to have a desire to succeed and that is what we need SOMEONE TO BRING IN THE BUSINESS!!!!!
The washer is about to go ding a ling so I better make sure the dryer is done too!
Later Gators!


Stacia said...

I love your wrapping and the post it's too. Cute work!

Jenna said...

The notes are so cute! You are such a good gift wrapper - I usually end up so frustrated with the paper that I throw everything in bags! But there is nothing like a handwrapped gift!