Monday, December 8, 2008

I don't want to tell you about this because I so want to win it but Angelica Grace is having a giveaway for her 555th post. Go on over and leave a comment for Angie and tell her I sent you. She has a beautiful family and is so talented.

Today was very uneventful! Long day at work and then a long evening of cleaning and straightening up.

Thank goodness for mother-in-laws, mine sent dinner home with Scott today. We had meatloaf, rice/veggies, salad and banana pie. She also sent 3 bags of snacks, chex mix, and 2 bags of spicy crackers! The first 5 years of Coco's life she spent every Monday with them and Sandy would always send supper home with us. I miss it since Coco is in school, so tonight was a treat!

I am trying to get everything caught up this week before all the parties and craziness starts. Here is what our calendar looks like:

9th- Take Christmas photo
11th- Girl Scout Leader meeting
12th- Christmas party
13th- Coco has a birthday party early in the day and then we have a Christmas party with bible study group
14th- Ornament exchange with cousins

Next week:

15th- Girl Scout Christmas party
19th- office party
20th- Christmas with In-laws
21st - Christmas w/ Friends
24th- Christmas Eve service and then Christmas with Scotts cousins
25th -Jesus Birthday & Christmas morning at home and then go to Moms for Christmas

And we have to fit in the normal stuff like church, life and work! We probably have other things that I have forgotten or that will come up before Christmas is over. I am worn out just thinking about it.

I better get my rest while I can!


Sarah Mae said...

I love when someone sends dinner our way - what a blessing!


Now I'm going to go and check out that giveaway!

Angie Seaman said...

Thanks so much for posting and participating girl. I really appreciate this and your kind words. You are so very sweet. Check back on my blog later tonight. I'll have the winner posted then. I've added 6 for you.
Thanks again for everything.
Blessings, Angie Seaman