Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last night Coco and I made our first Gingerbread house. Scott bought us the kit over the weekend. It was so fun making it with her. Making memories!
She is proud of her work. I was the official icing doer upper while she placed each little candy where she wanted! Now she wants to eat it but she has to wait until Friday when her Mimi and cousins get here.

This Christmas home tour is a dangerous thing to my checkbook! I have found so many ideas that I want to do and I keep arranging and rearranging and adding !
Today I went to lunch and planned to go to Kohls because I had a $20 coupon to spend but when I got to the parking lot Kirklands shouted at me to come in and have a look see!
Look what I found!
I got 2 of these pillows. I love this one and it is something I would probably say if I had thought of it! The other says "DOES SANTA TAKE BRIBES" I hung that one on Coco's door and then she asked me what a bribe is. Sweet little naive girl, now she will know what I am doing when I bribe her with a trip to Build A Bear if we just skip this one event ! I know bad Mommy! It didn't work I still had to go to the event and then gave in to Build a Bear too!
Ok back to my finds!
This little sign was only $4.50. A steal in my book!
And now my new love!

Is it not the cutest stinkin thing you have ever seen ( I know Ballard's is really cute too) but this one was only $9.99! Can you believe that? I just love it, almost to much to let people trample it with their dirty shoes! I think I got the last one, sorry but you can't have mine!

Enough of my rambling for tonight!



PS. Stacy please leave a comment so that I can find your blog!


4shepherds said...

Okay here it is
I am not sure what I am doing and have not had a moment to try to figure it out!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Susie Harris said...

I can see why you are in love... that is the sweetest house ever! We made one last year and boy was it a lot of work but tons of fun! What great memories yall have made. Thank you for the nice bithday well wishes. Merry Christmas~

Me said...

Oh Pam, I love the gingerbread house! 3:45.....hum, well, since I have all this "free" time now, I just don't know what to do with it! I was also looking and applying for jobs! Believe me, I'm paying for my late night now! Heading up to the school for Christmas party, then some running around. Then I feel a nap calling my name! And yes, you need to get off your lazy bum and start coming to church! I've been meaning to talk to you about that!! LOL Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Pam I love it all. You will have to show me how. You have a great family and Colby is so cute. We will talk soon. Beth