Monday, December 22, 2008


Apparently I made quite the impression on my father in law when I watched " A Christmas Story" with them years ago or something!

He got my name this year and this is what I opened from him tonight! The leg lamp! He had to have a friend order it online for him! I was getting this lamp no matter what! My MIL and SIL were afraid that they might end up with it someday! Well maybe but I will keep it around just for laughs! He even wrote me a little note that I had to read before I opened it.

Here's what the letter said


When I drew your name I began to think of something to get you. After agonizing over it for hours I remembered seeing something with you that although you never said anything I could tell it just amazed you and you thought there was nothing else in the world like it. After a long hard search and help from my friends, I found the perfect gift for my favorite daughter in law! I hope you enjoy it and place it in a special place so everyone can enjoy it. I know all who see it will envy you.

Merry Christmas

Love, Dad

He is a great Dad to us all! But I will be on the lookout for something special just for him!

This is him opening his Papa sign!
Yesterday we had Christmas with Scott's bff and family. Scott and Vance became friends in jr. high and Vance's family accepted Scott just like a brother. Vance's parents always have a dinner and we play the white elephant game. We have alot of fun. They live about an hour and a half away from us so we don't get to see them often enough!
Mamie (Scott's grandmother) is doing ok. She will be moved to a rehabilitation center tomorrow for ongoing therapy. She is having some disorientation today but we hope that is just the medication making her a little loopy. It wasn't the same tonight having Christmas without her. We plan to go spend Christmas eve with her and take her gifts.

I am off to bed for now. Be careful of any odd shaped packages, you might end up with a leg lamp!



4shepherds said...

Love the lamp!! That is too funny!! I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we will talk to you when we return from Kansas!!
Love ya all!!!

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