Saturday, December 27, 2008


We have had a great Christmas. It was different this year with Mamie being in the hospital, it didn't feel the same since several activities were cancelled or rescheduled. Funny how changes can make you feel out of whack!

Christmas Eve is usually when we get together with Scott's cousins to have a ornament exchange, this has always been done at Mamie's house. Since that was cancelled we spent a very quiet night at home getting ready for Santa.

Christmas day Coco woke me up at 5:30am. I talked her into snuggling until 6 and then we got up to open presents. She wanted Scott and I to open all of our gifts first. Scott got a GPS, bunge cords, track suit, candy, socks, shower mirror and more. I got scarfs, jewelry, watch, external hard drive, garage door opener, keychain that says #1 Mom and lots more. Coco got American Girl doll, metal detector, video camera, Taylor Swift CD, Jon & Kate plus 8 dvd, clothes and more. Since we were up so early and didn't have to be at moms until 2pm Scott and I took a little nap.

We went to Mom's for lunch and presents. The food was delicious as usual. Mom made us girls tote bags which are so cute. She made the little girls bath towel wraps to use when they get out of the bath. She is so talented. Tammy Lou had my name and got me the beautiful beverage dispenser from Sam's, I will have to plan a party so I can use it. We went to see Mamie on our way home and give her gifts from us. The facility she is in is beautiful. It is a nursing home and rehad center. It is pretty new so it was all nice and decorated for Christmas. She was proud that she can lift her leg up. She has lost 6.5 lbs in the past week and she won't eat. I worry that is her way of giving up.

Friday day Coco and I left the house at 8:30 am to hit some of the after Christmas sales. We got some great deals on gifts for next year and a few things we wanted. I found a gorgeous green corduroy coat at Belk for pennies! Our best finds were at Kirklands, nativity scenes for .75 cents. We were out until after 2pm and were exhausted when we finally got home. I took a nap while she played with all her new toys.

Today has been a lazy day. It was so stormy this morning and this afternoon the temp dropped into the 40's. It probably doesn't help that I have been battling a cold all week.

Looking forward to church tomorrow and hopefully lunch and a movie.


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