Friday, December 19, 2008


I should say presentS!

While at walmart this week I bought myself a present. I even put it in my stocking. These adorable black / zebra rubber gloves! For the whopping price of $2.97. They are spectacular, I think. I know I am a crazy woman, but I am easy to please.

I also bought myself this ornament. I am a lover of GREASE !!

GREASE IS THE WORD!!!!!! Can't ya hear that song in your head????? IS THE WORD IS THE WORD!!

This little ornament is like the drive -in movie and changes scenes on the screen and plays Sandra Dee! Love it too!

But the best thing that happened today is that I had guests tonight. My sister and her family and my Mama came up to see the house and have dinner with us. Do ya'll say up and down for north and south??? Weird I just thought of that!

Anyway they came up and I made french bread pizzas and had leftover pies from the office party today. We had the best time just visiting and the kids got to play together. I even made a couple of tassels to show Tammy Lou how I do it. She took one home and I forgot to take a photo of the one I made. I am just so glad they came to visit. I love my family and we don't get together just to hang out enough! Maybe that can be a new years resolution!

Tomorrow I get to stay home until evening when we will go have Christmas with Scott's family! I look forward to the rest and spending time with them!

It is supposed to get really brrrrrrrr cold sometime this weekend and I am not looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend and I will post my newest tassel tomorrow (if I can pull myself out of bed)!




Me said...

Those gloves are just too cool!

Cold or not, I better see you Sunday morning!! LOL

If I get out of the house today, I may pop over and surprise you. I want to see your house. Hope you don't mind. Not sure I'll make it out, but I'm going to try!

Keetha said...

Somehow when I came here earlier, I missed the fact that your name is Pam - - - as is my sister's!!!

When I just got the e-mail about your comment on my blog, I was SURPRISED when the comment wasn't from sis.

This tour is so fun - - - I'm finding so many great people, wouldn't it be great if we could ALL stay in touch - - - but with over 900 entries, I don't see how that is humanly possible.